Employability Skills

Employability Skills provide educational training opportunities to help employees with key skill requirements in their workplace. A variety of courses are provided to support the ever-changing skills needs of the employee.

What are the aims of Employability Skills?

The aims of these courses are to promote and ethos of lifelong learning in the workplace, contribute towards the creation of a well-educated and highly skilled workforce, raise employee competency levels, enhance employee communication and enable employees to cope with frequent and ongoing changes in work practices. 

Who can access Employability Skills?

Employers in the private sector willing to promote Employability Skills, with employees who need to improve their competency skills, with a need to upskill their existing workforce and for those who wish to create a learning environment for their employees.

Employees are required to be over 18 years of age and not in full-time second level education, in part-time or full-time employment, with work skill needs, with few, outdated or no educational qualifications, willing to take part on a voluntary basis, and have a desire to improve with the support of their employer.

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