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Our courses are for you if you who want to return to education and training or develop a new skill/hobby. Once you take the first step, endless opportunities await you. It’s not just about what you learn, it’s about who you meet, the connections you make and the impact on your community.

What We Offer

We offer an extensive choice of full and part-time courses in over 300 participating locations across the Limerick and Clare region every year. We collaborate with a range of voluntary and community organisations who play a key role in course organisation, content and tuition. We are members of the Local Community Development Committees of the local authorities in Limerick and Clare. We are the lead agency on a number of objectives in both the Limerick and Clare Local Economic and Community Plans (LECPs) 2016 – 2021. We also work closely with the 4 local Partnership Companies (Clare Local Development Company, West Limerick Resources, Ballyhoura Development and PAUL Partnership).

Community Partner Course Requests

If you are an existing Community Partner and would like to request a new course or make a change to an existing course, you will be able to do so by clicking here.

Learning eTool

This eTool is the online version of Capturing the Wider Benefits of Learning. It enables our learners to rate their own progress on a course and the skills they have developed. Learners can also describe wider benefits of the course including personal learning, health and wellbeing, family and community and future plans for education or employment. If you are an existing learner and would like to access the eTool, click here.

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